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The Mechanic (Gansel, Dennis.)
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The Mechanic
Gansel, Dennis. Search Author in Amazon Books

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DVD 007029
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    - One of Statham's Best Action movies. Ever. The action scenes (especially the end Yacht boat scene) in Mechanic Resurrection remind me of the first Taken, with Liam Neeson. Fast, but easy to follow, and fun to watch, since the hero kicks total @ss with efficiency and precision. Statham even kicks a few times, and delivers a lot of the stylized, lock counter moves that Neeson pulled off, but in Statham's own brutal style. The film's action is miles better compared to the first Mechanic, and while the tension isn't there in the story (a good part has Statham hanging out with Jessica Alba and wasted potential from Michelle Yeoh not performing any martial arts here) and the motivation of Statham's character is different (he's out to rescue his girlfriend and put an end to the villain trying to manipulate him), once the action gets going, this movie is a blast. Statham starts the action early, and covers the span of the world map, visiting various locations as an assassin, carefully planning his next kill under the leverage of the main villain. Lots of gun fights, shoot outs, machine guns, martial arts and Statham kicking the most @ss possible in a long time. He literally wipes out 30+ bad guys by the end of this film. Awesome.
    - Language: English
    - Subtitle: Turkish
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