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“Greco-Cypriot Relations in 1960-1974 in the Light of American Diplomatic Documents” Athens: Atıner's (Aslım, İlksoy,)
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“Greco-Cypriot Relations in 1960-1974 in the Light of American Diplomatic Documents” Athens: Atıner's
Aslım, İlksoy, Search Author in Amazon Books

Detailed notes
    - Greece and Cyprus relations are generally perceived as perfect. However, in the light of the American diplomatic documents this is not completely true. Their relations also had ups and downs and this paper tries to examine the problematic issues in their relations. The formation of the Republic of Cyprus was a compromise between Turkey and Greece reached under the auspices of the United States of America. This compromise was never accepted as a just solution by Makarios, the first President of Cyprus. The relations between Greek leaders and Makarios before 1960 have been seen as “perfect” because they all supported the unification of Cyprus with Greece (Enosis). Clearly, after 1960 there was a divergence between the policies of Greece and Cyprus. Greece was a member of NATO and Cyprus was a member of Non-Alignment Movement. Usually, to be non-aligned that time usually meant a leaning toward the Soviet front. Containment policy of the US required close cooperation within NATO and a problem in Cyprus could poison the bilateral relations of Turkey and Greece. After the destruction of the unity of the Republic of Cyprus in 1964 Greece pressured Makarios for a “moderate” stance in intercommunal strife to preserve NATO unity. Makarios rejected Greek pressure and relations between Greece and Cyprus soured. In 1967 the military government thought that it had more leverage on.
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