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The Island of St. Hylarion: Music of Cyprus - 1413-1422 (Fleagle, John.)
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The Island of St. Hylarion: Music of Cyprus - 1413-1422
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New Albion Records
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MCD 003258
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    - Before you decide to say "no thanks" to music written by anonymous composers on the island of Cyprus in the early 15th century, just wait one minute. Forget the historical references and consider these vocal and instrumental works as music that can be loved first for its pure and uplifting sonorities. When you hear the perfect blend of instruments (vielles, lute, slide trumpet) and voices (countertenor, tenor, and mezzo-soprano), you'll find yourself drawn into a very pleasant adventure that musically isn't as far afield as you might expect. Beginning with the occupation of Cyprus by Richard the Lion Hearted in 1198, a procession of Western rulers and visitors brought polyphonic music to the island. A manuscript now residing in Turin, but written in early 15th-century Cyprus, is the source for the pieces performed on this disc. The variety and quality of the music is astonishing--well worth an extended visit.
    - 1.Contre dolour (rondeau) 2.Tousjours (canonic rondeau) 3.Aspre Fortune (ballade) 4.Qui de Fortune (ballade) 5.Je prens d'amour (virelai) 6.Bonne e belle (instrumental) 7.Qui n'a le cuer (rondeau) 8.J'ai mon cuer (ballade) 9.J'ai maintes fois (ballade) 10.Moult fort me plaist (ballade) 11.Danse d'Abroz (instrumental) 12.Pymalion qui moult subtilz estoit (ballade) 13.Da magne Pater (motet)/Si doucement (ballade) 14.Anna parens matris (antiphon)/Alma parens nata/O Maria stella maris (motet) 15.O Virgo virginum (antiphon)/O sacra virgo virginum/Tu nati nata suscipe (motet) 16.Hodie Christus natus est (antiphon)/Hodi peur nascitur/Homo martalis firmiter (motet)
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